Having not blogged in over a week, I thought a little catch up post might be in order. The lack of blog posts hasn’t been down to no work being done (and ergo, nothing for a blog post). Rather, it has been down to the unending sameness of the days: get up, have coffee, take my partner to the station, get home, pull out the books, start reading/making notes, have lunch, more reading/making notes, answer emails, do dinner, the washing up, watch TV, go to bed. Rinse, and repeat. Bor—ing. Boring to do, much less to write about, even much less to read about, I would imagine.

Yesterday, however, was different. I went into my University’s library for the day, and I had a fantastic day, got to meet a couple of friends for coffee, do some productive work, and come home feeling brighter and more positive. While I wouldn’t recommend it for every day, It was very very clear to me that actually, everything from the day – from driving, parking, walking around campus, through to coffee and socialising, through to actually studying, contributes to a sense of collegiality, a sense of ‘being an academic’ in a way that sitting at home at my desk, wading through the secondary texts… doesn’t. Its easy to get side tracked at home. Less so when you’ve made a conscious decision to go somewhere, for a specific purpose, and you’ve a set time in which to get things done.

I’ve therefore made a decision: from now on, regardless, I’ll be making trips like this to the library (or somewhere else appropriate) at least once a week, and I’m giving serious thought to going to places like museums once a week. We’ll see. Variety is good for me. 🙂

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